My Eagle Blueprints set, produced in 1996, consists in 4 sheets, 15"x25". One printed set of my drawings take pride of place on Brian Johnson's house wall (he is the original Eagle designer and a visual effects Maestro)! I made them using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimensions software for the Macintosh. The set is available as print-ready, high quality .PDF files at 6.00 euro, payable with Paypal.
The hi-res .PDF files are sent as email attachments. For more info or questions please e-mail me.

Roberto Baldassari

poster 1

Sheet 1: Transporter Eagle - external views.


poster 2  

Sheet 2: Transporter Eagle - internal views 1.


poster 3  

Sheet 3: Transporter Eagle - internal views 2.


poster 4  

Sheet 4: Transporter Eagle - comprehensive cutaway drawing.